Private Nurse practitioner clinic

  • Consultations for Basic and Advanced Health Care needs¬†
  • Infant and Child Health Appointments
  • Prenatal appointments (Includes ongoing collaboration with patients chosen Obstetrician)
  • Women’s health appointments (Including PAP tests)
  • Mens health appointments
  • Lab draws and ECGs in office
  • Minor Procedures (examples : sutures, mole removals, wart & skin tag removals)
  • Injections ( Shingrix/ Zostavax, Havrix/ Twinrix, Vitamin B12 and more)
  • Cosmetic Injections and Dermal Fillers
  • IUD Insertion ** COMING SOON summer 2021**
  • In-Home Consultation ** ON HOLD – Restrictions due to COVID-19. Please call the office for inquiries**

Vision, Mission and Values

Our mission is to ensure you experience excellence with each appointment. Thorough consultations, collaborative plans of care and detailed examinations. Your health is worth it. 

Our vision is that you will encounter punctual, seamless care with a holistic focus on you. Not one disease or one ailment. The whole person. 

We value health and we value YOU. We value our community and the trust our clients have in our process, work ethic and knowledge.                 Primary health care should be designed for your unique needs, and that is exactly what you will find at Simplistic Health.